Why Cabbages and Kings?

Well, of course, there is the Alice in Wonderland reference. But it goes further than that.
I’m in my first year at the School of Public Policy, here at Pepperdine. We have four classes, and they fall into two categories: economics and the history of political philosophy.
Economics is the study of the dispersal of scarce resources. Food, toys, guns, land, you name it – if it scarce, economics is involved. That includes cabbage, as bad as it might taste.
Political philosophy asks the question of who is in charge, and why? At one time it was prophets, then kings, then aristocracies, and now often dictators and sometimes the people. What gives a king the right to rule? That is what public policy is all about.
Here, the goal is to think critically about cabbages and kings – and we’ll talk about life in Malibu a little too, and perhaps some sports (and what they all have to do with each other). I look forward to the conversation.

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