Sports Fix for the Week

NFL Picks –
Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Atlanta – Home field advantage in the divisional match-up means a lot
Chicago at Buffalo – Chicago – Buffalo will have to wait a while for their first win
New England at Cleveland – New England – I love Colt McCoy, but New England is too strong
NY Jets at Detroit – NY Jets – Coming off a hard loss, the Jets will rebound
New Orleans at Carolina – New Orleans – Pick against Carolina every week
Miami at Baltimore – Baltimore – Game of the Week potential, safe pick is the home team
San Diego at Houston – Houston – San Diego is falling apart, LT is smiling
Arizona at Minnesota – Arizona – This pick is more from the heart than the head; Moss shouldn’t have been cut
NY Giants at Seattle – NY Giants – Look for the Giants to roll off a few more wins
Indianapolis at Philadelphia – Indianapolis – Manning could teach Kolb and Vick a few things
Kansas City at Oakland – Kansas City – Two surprises, but I don’t feel good about Oakland
Dallas at Green Bay – Green Bay – With the first pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Andrew Luck
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Pittsburgh – Look for a high scoring game, but Pittsburgh wins in the end
In other sports news, congratulations to the Giants for their first WS in over 50 years. Get ’em next year, Rangers.

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