Life in Malibu #2: All the Entertainment You Ever Wanted

Last night, I did homework at home. While that might sound boring, I have a story to tell.
Every night, my wife and I find something to do: first we eat, then we usually watch a movie or television, or play a game – after all, we are on a budget. Last night, though, plans changed. My wife was invited by some friends to go to a concert. The cost: free. She got to spend time with friends and hear some great music; I had time to do homework. I’ve lived in several places before being here in the greater LA area, but never have been surrounded by so many options for entertainment. Within the next two years, my wife and I will have taken “vacations” to Disneyland, Universal Studios, a Lakers game, San Francisco, and probably a few national parks.
You can’t do that anywhere else…

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