Sports Fix for the Week

Last Weeks Picks: 7-7; Overall: 15-12
I got a call from my brother late last night as he was jumping up and down on his couch – apparently he had Michael Vick on his fantasy team. Also, it was a bad week for the Lakers. Anyway, here are the picks for the week:
Chicago at Miami – Chicago – This should be close, but I think Chicago is turning into a NFC contender.
Buffalo at Cincinnati – Buffalo – I will admit my bias: I want Dallas to have a higher pick, but both of these teams are awful.
Detroit at Dallas – Dallas – I don’t want them to win (see above), but it is hard not to pick them.
Washington at Tennessee – Washington – This pick is for a friend, but they do have to rebound after last week.
Arizona at Kansas City – Kansas City – Arizona is just not good; KC can get it done.
Green Bay at Minnesota – Green Bay – Favre, if he plays, will throw 3+ interceptions. Welcome home.
Houston at NY Jets – NY Jets – J-E-T-S …Super Bowl?
Oakland at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh – I will give Oakland credit as being better than I thought they would be…I thought they wouldn’t win a game.
Baltimore at Carolina – Baltimore – Another contender looking to rebound after a hard loss to Atlanta.
Cleveland at Jacksonville – Cleveland – This is where religion bleeds into sports – Colt McCoy!
Tampa Bay at San Francisco – San Francisco – Hardest game to pick, but SF has the homefield advantage.
Seattle at New Orleans – New Orleans – How is Seattle 5-4? Look for a correction.
Atlanta at St. Louis – St. Louis – This is a heart pick; if I was a betting man, the pick would go the other way.
Indianapolis at New England – New England – Game of the Year potential, let’s just hope for good football.
NY Giants at Philadelphia – Philadelphia – Will be overshadowed by game above, but I’m still pulling for Vick.
Denver at San Diego – San Diego – Winner has a shot at the playoffs.
One final note on sports – don’t let your kids grow up to be boxers.

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