Sports Fix for the Week

Last Week’s Picks: 13-3 (My best week yet); Overall Record: 28-15

Here are this week’s picks:

Patriot at Lions – Patriots – The Lions can’t wait for Stafford to get back.
Saints at Cowboys – Saints – For the purpose of picking it right, I have to pick against my boys.
Bengals at Jets – Jets – It’s on the NFL network, and the Bengals, so no one will watch.
Packers at Falcons – Falcons – Will this determine who goes to the Super Bowl for the NFC?
Steelers at Bills – Steelers – Bills were starting to look good…
Panthers at Browns – Browns – Conditional on McCoy starting…they’ll win either way.
Jaguars at NY Giants – NY Giants – They need to rebound, luckily they have a cupcake.
Vikings at Redskins – Redskins – The Vikings have a new coach (good), but they still have Favre (bad).
Titans at Texans – Texans – I don’t know why everyone is high on the Titans.
Dolphins at Raiders – Raiders – Hard pick, so I give the home-field advantage.
Chiefs at Seahawks – Chiefs – Equally mediocre teams – it could go either way.
Eagles at Bears – Eagles – Vick for MVP.
Rams at Broncos – Rams – I might be wrong, but I can’t bring myself to pick the Broncos.
Buccaneers at Ravens – Ravens – Buccaneers could prove themselves, but I don’t see it.
Chargers at Colts – Colts – Manning needs a rebound.
49ers at Cardinals – Cardinals – I will never pick the 49ers again!

Congratulations to Josh Hamilton on winning the AL MVP!

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