Sports Fix for the Week: Week 13

Last Week’s Picks: 11-5; Overall Record: 39-20

Here are this week’s picks:

Texans at Eagles – Eagles – Luckily, no suspension for Johnson – but Vick needs to rebound.
Saints at Bengals – Saints – This could get ugly, so watch something else.
Bears at Lions – Bears – Lions will be good next season, but the Bears are surprisingly good.
49ers at Packers – Packers – Seeking to rebound, the Packers will win big.
Jaguars at Titans – Jaguars – This is hard to pick, but the Jags seem to be on the rise.
Broncos at Chiefs – Chiefs – I told my bro not to start Cassel on his fantasy team…oops.
Browns at Dolphins – Browns – My heart pick for the week – I have to pick for McCoy.
Bills at Vikings – Vikings – Favre has something to prove under Frazier.
Redskins at NY Giants – NY Giants – The New York Football Giants need this more, and they are better.
Raiders at Chargers – Chargers – The second half of the season minus the playoffs belongs to the Chargers.
Cowboys at Colts – Colts – This could get ugly, because Manning has a chip on his shoulder.
Rams at Cardinals – Rams – The Rams are not a playoff contender, but they will win the easy games.
Panthers at Seahawks – Seahawks – Not that they are good, but the Panthers are really bad.
Falcons at Buccaneers – Falcons – The last three games are good, and home field doesn’t matter.
Steelers at Ravens – Ravens – I’m calling the Steelers out as worse than their record.
Jets at Patriots – Patriots – Game of the week. Too close to call, so I pick the veterans.

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