Sports Fix for the Week: Week 15

Last Week’s Picks: 11-5; Overall Record: 63-28

RIP Brett Favre’s Playing Streak; now the picks:

San Francisco at San Diego – San Diego – Ending well late.
Cleveland at Cincinnati – Cleveland – When will McCoy return?
Washington at Dallas – Dallas – This is a bad, bad game.
Houston at Tennessee – Houston – Rebound of the week.
Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Indianapolis – These teams know each other too well.
Kansas City at St. Louis – St. Louis – Playoffs?
Buffalo at Miami – Miami – Why have I doubted?
Detroit at Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay – Detroit’s last win was a fluke.
Arizona at Carolina – Arizona – Whisenhunt needs to keep his job.
New Orleans at Baltimore – Baltimore – Easily game of the week – maybe the Super Bowl?
Philadelphia at NY Giants – Philadelphia – The Vick Train is gaining momentum.
Atlanta at Seattle – Atlanta – There will be talk about how they need to lose late to get the jitters out of them.
NY Jets at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh – A week ago, would have picked the other way; but that was a week ago.
Denver at Oakland – Oakland – Still a contender for a playoff bid.
Green Bay at New England – New England – The over/under is more interesting.
Chicago at Minnesota – Chicago – Favre wasn’t that good, but he is better than what they have.

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