Faith and Public Policy: Asymmetric Information

Read 2 Corinthians 4.  While reading this passage in our Bible Study today, I thought it odd that the first idea to come to my head was an old business term that I learned the most about in a Banking class: asymmetric information.

Joseph Stiglitz won a Nobel Prize for the study of this topic, and it continues to fascinate all who seek to understand it.  We see it everyday.  The used car salesman who knows something that you don’t about your future purchase.  Or that you fear you have whenever a friend offers a deal with a sly smile.

But in this passage, the asymmetry seems to come with someone (the Christian) knows something good, even valuable!  Usually the asymmetry occurs when the possessor of knowledge does not want to share.  But here, Paul is showing us the why not of why we should share our faith.  There are few pieces of information that fit this category: when you share it, the information loses no value, and both parties are better off.

Why are we not getting rid of the asymmetry?

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