Cabbages: Stats and Marriage

In Econometrics today, we went over some old survey data having to do with marriage, affairs, and religion.

Yes, this class was quite interesting.

We were talking about Probit models, and what it means when a large portion of your data shows up at the limit – zero, for instance. What does it mean that a man has not committed adultery?  Would he have done so if you paid him five dollars?  Or if you lined up the occasion to do so?  Or would he not have done so even if you threatened his life?

In fact, the numbers show this difference in what we can call “negative affairs” – and the numbers show that the higher someone ranks their spiritual life, the fewer their predicted affairs.  The same is true for their rating of their marriage.

So, the next time I see my wife, I will say something like, “I love you negative five acts of adultery.”  Maybe that has meaning.  Maybe.

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