Kings: The Generals Who Ruled Iraq

I am finishing up a book called The Fourth Star by David Cloud and Greg Jaffe. It details the story of the rise of David Petraeus, John Abizaid, George Casey, Jr., and Peter Chiarelli.

Each has a unique background, and each of them interesting, but I was especially brought in by David Petraeus. In the military, he had more drive than anyone around – and often more than anyone around him knew how to handle. The pursuit of excellence drives many to work harder and better, but many fail. However, this brings us to the classic blackswan example, that just because something is hard or seemingly impossible doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

Petraeus never backed down from his confidence, and where many would have stumbled, he pressed on. Of course, his story is not over yet. While I do not see him running for President (although, after reading this book, I could see it as a possibility more than I had before), I don’t see him truly failing. Petraeus is a role model for those with big dreams.

The book is worth a read.

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