My 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee Prediction

With just a few putting their name in the ring for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination, I wanted to put out my thoughts on who I think will should and will get the nominations for President and Vice President:

President: Mitch Daniels – I’ve been watching some interviews that Daniels has done, and I am impressed by his knowledge. Also, his even temper doesn’t hold with the speaking skills of Chris Christie, but he can hold his own in any debate. He does have some personality. His conservative record will appeal not only to the base of the Republican party, but he has done nothing (that I know of) that is so outlandish to repel independents. Geography is a plus – Daniels is from Indiana, with proximity to Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin that Obama won in 2008 (no chance of Obama losing Illinois). Daniels needs to work on his name recognition – I didn’t know who he was until about a year ago. I didn’t turn on to his chances until recently.

Vice-President: Mike Huckabee – This Southern Preacher turned Governor turned Author turned TV Host might not be the first on my people’s list. Let me make my case. The GOP needs executives, people with proven track records of making decisions to combat the indecision of Obama. Somewhere on the ticket, the GOP needs a proven, well-known social conservative (Huckabee is a Baptist, of which there are 16 million in the U.S.; granted, the GOP will likely have many of these votes already, but they shouldn’t be taken for granted). VPs are usually seen as the attack dogs of the campaign – Huckabee has a reputation for rising above the petty and connecting with voters. As a former preacher, he knows his audience, and few negatives would be able to stick to him. Being a heart beat away from the presidency would be no problem for this candidate. I think he could be a bonus in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and maybe Colorado.

I look forward to the process, and I will welcome any other predictions or comments.

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