Commenting on a recent article from a related organization…

Read the blog post.  The idea of Christian hipsters is approaching about ten years in age, and I will say that a large amount of those I went to undergrad with would fit this label.  I would say that these types derive this identity from a desire to be a part of a strong organization.  That is why the article suggests that young Christians are moving toward the Catholic tradition.

This is an obvious reaction for those who have been presented with the history of Christian thought and wonder why their tradition is not represented in the literature.  If I am reading Augustine, and finding that I mainly agree with him, why not become a Catholic?  I would suggest that most young Christians do not have a good idea about what it means to be a part of the Christian tradition – after all, this is not the most popular material for Sunday morning classes.

Young Christians should spend more time reading their Bible (I think all Christians would agree), but also they should consider the heavy questions of life from this Christian perspective.  Whether it is economics, social justice, morality, or whatever, most Christians will be surprised that God gives guidelines for how to think about these issues.

Of course, actually discussing this topics is a blog post for another day.

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