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Life in Malibu: Finals

So, living in Malibu and going to Pepperdine is wonderful, but when it comes time to study for finals, it really doesn’t matter where you live – studying is the same.

So good luck to all in studying and preparing projects. It will all be over soon.


Life in … close to Malibu

Should I go to a comedy club or the Santa Monica Pier this weekend?

Life in Malibu: Whale Watching

It is that time of the year – Whale Watching!

Get on a boat and go see some whales.

Life in Malibu: Graduate School Basketball

Part of the collegiate experience is getting in a workout. I like to run, but if I can, getting out on the basketball is my favorite.

I am on a co-ed team, and we played our first game this past Tuesday night. We were up by five at the half, but as soon as we took out our star player, we slowly fell and ended up losing by about ten.

There are two lessons here: 1) it is always fun to get on the court and play basketball with your friends, no matter your skill level, and 2) don’t take your best player out of the game.

Life in Malibu: Rice, Graffy, and … something else

Well, part of going to Pepperdine is that they bring in the big time speakers. Next Wednesday, I will be going to hear Condoleezza Rice…twice. I’m looking forward to both.

The next nice, I will be going to a fairly nice dinner, where one our own here at Pepperdine, Colleen Graffy, will be speaking. I’m looking forward to dressing up.

But the most interesting is a dinner I’m going to because of my wife. The speaker? She doesn’t know. The topic? Something about Obama and health care. All she really remembered was that there will be free food. Good job.

Life in Malibu: Lakers

So, the Lakers put a pretty impressive beat down on the Cavs the other night.

This has inspired me to get some tickets and go to a game. Any suggestions on when I should go?

Life in Malibu: Leaving Malibu

Why live in Malibu? So you can go home, and tell people how awesome it was.

My wife and I are leaving tomorrow for Christmas Break. I hope that all out there have a wonderful Christmas day and that you get to pause and think about the meaning of the day.

I will do periodic posts, but not everyday. Regular posts will resume with the new year!

Life in Malibu: North Malibu

I’m an idiot – why? Because until just recently, I was unaware of HALF THE CITY I LIVE IN!

Yes, I’m serious. I’ve lived here for a year and a half. Until a week ago, I did not know that there was anything meaningful in Malibu north of Malibu seafood.

For the record, there is plenty. Let this count as my apology to the city, for not being a better citizen, and to anyone who I have given a suggestion to about what to do in Malibu – I’ll probably do more exploring this weekend.

Life in Malibu: Dick Van Dyke and Disneyland

So, in class yesterday, Prof. McAllister was talking about what makes someone important – basically that celebrities are those you would ask for an autograph, not a scholar. McAllister told the story better, but basically he talked about seeing his hero, Dick Van Dyke, at a local restaurant. My friend, Odi, then said the following: “Who is Dick Van Dyke?” McAllister was…how do you say it?…bamboozled. Flustered perhaps – how can his students not know who Dick Van Dyke is?
We all got a big laugh – but only in Malibu do you EXPECT to see celebrities.
Oh, my wife and I are going to Disneyland this weekend – any suggestions for what we should do? Eat?

Life in Malibu #2: All the Entertainment You Ever Wanted

Last night, I did homework at home. While that might sound boring, I have a story to tell.
Every night, my wife and I find something to do: first we eat, then we usually watch a movie or television, or play a game – after all, we are on a budget. Last night, though, plans changed. My wife was invited by some friends to go to a concert. The cost: free. She got to spend time with friends and hear some great music; I had time to do homework. I’ve lived in several places before being here in the greater LA area, but never have been surrounded by so many options for entertainment. Within the next two years, my wife and I will have taken “vacations” to Disneyland, Universal Studios, a Lakers game, San Francisco, and probably a few national parks.
You can’t do that anywhere else…