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Atlas Shrugged: Part I

So, we went to go see Atlas Shrugged: Part I yesterday, and I really liked it.

A few thoughts on the movie: I have not read the book, but I know a little about the story line. The movie does a decent job of following the book, although not exactly. The movie keeps a fast pace that will keep most viewers involved and interested. Of course, the ideals behind the movie are most important, and they come together very strongly. Some might say that the acting was fine or good, but not great. One note I would make on this point is that much of the dialogue flows from the original book, and Rand was a fan of natural speech, how people actually talk to each other. So don’t confuse bad acting for a certain style of writing.

I thought the actors were well choosen, and it will be interesting to see who plays John Galt in Part II.

Everyone should go see this movie.