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Sports Update for the Week: NCAA and MLB

Congrats to the UConn Huskies – this gives me reason to keep picking them for years to come.

And the Rangers have started the baseball season off well; I hope the Red Sox can catch up.


Sports Fix: NCAA Men’s Final

Quick post, because it is that easy:
UConn will win the men’s and women’s basketball championships

See you tomorrow

Sports Fix: NBA and NCAA

If you can catch a replay of the Lakers 3OT win from Tuesday night, you should…

Also, sorry for not posting my NCAA bracket, but I have UConn winning it all for I think the 8th straight year.

Sports Fix for the Week: Melo is a Knick

In case you haven’t heard, Carmelo Anthony was traded last night to the New York Knicks. What does this mean?

For the Nuggets, it means blow up the team and start over. For the Knicks, it means they will probably finish off this season strong, but get bounced in the first or second round of the playoffs. But…next year, you can count on either Chris Paul or Deron Williams joining the team, and they might contend for a championship (I think it will be Paul, because Williams will hopefully be going to Dallas).

Sports Fix: Congrats to the Packers

Congratulations to the Packers and the Frazier family at Harding University – the biggest Packers fans that I know.

Soon, I will start doing College Basketball (and some pro) picks.

Have a great day!

Sports Pick for the Week: Super Bowl Edition

I’ll make it short – I’ll probably take some Tuesdays off until March Madness rolls around. Here is the pick:

Green Bay Packers v. Pittsburgh Steelers – at Dallas – Green Bay Packers – This is a heart pick, but also the Packers offense is explosive, and their defense isn’t so bad. Go Packers.

Sports: None!

Since there is no NFL game to pick this week, I recommend taking a walk outside.

Sports Fix for the Week: NFL Conference Championships

Last Week: 3-1 (Jets are looking good)

Here are picks for this week:

NY Jets at Pittsburgh – NY Jets – More of a heart pick, but expect a good game.
Green Bay at Chicago – Green Bay – So many reasons why this will be a good game, and so many more reasons why Green Bay will win.

Sports Fix for the Week: More Playoff Picks

Last Week’s Picks: 2-2
My AFC picks were on, but the NFC was off. Let’s see if we can fix that:

Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh – I guess I go with homefield, although this is the hardest pick of the week.
NY Jets at New England – New England – Best game of the week, but come on, the Golden Boy has this one.
Seattle at Chicago – Chicago – Wake me up when it’s over.
Green Bay at Atlanta – Green Bay – Upset special!

Last Regular Season Sports Picks

Last Week’s Picks: 8-8; Overall Record: 80-43 (65%)

After having a(nother) bad week, here are the new picks:

Carolina at Atlanta – Atlanta – STPF (Something to Play For)
Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Pittsburgh – STPF
Minnesota at Detroit – Detroit – Meaningless Game #1
Oakland at Kansas City – Kansas City – STPF
Miami at New England – New England – STPF
Tampa Bay at New Orleans – New Orleans – STPF
Buffalo at NY Jets – NY Jets – STPF
Cincinnati at Baltimore – Baltimore – STPF
San Diego at Denver – San Diego – STPF
Chicago at Green Bay – Green Bay – STPF
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Indianapolis – STPF
Dallas at Philadelphia – Philadelphia – STPF
Arizona at San Francisco – San Francisco – Meaningless Game #2
NY Giants at Washington – NY Giants – STPF
Jacksonville at Houston – Jacksonville – STPF
St. Louis at Seattle – St. Louis – STPF